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Received Incentive from Entergy’s Large C&I Solutions Program

LITTLE ROCK,ARK – (MAR. 2, 2011) –The Arkansas Building Authority (ABA) was awarded an incentive check of $62,650 from Entergy Arkansas, Inc.’s no-cost Large Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Solutions Program for increasing the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system and the data center in its “Big MAC” building (#1 Capitol Mall), a multi-agency complex for the State of Arkansas. The Large C&I Solutions Program provides technical and financial support for the installation of a wide range of energy efficiency measures.
The incentive was determined by the total amount of energy ABA will save. The high efficiency air conditioning system and data center upgrades will save more than 1.2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equivalent to reducing the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 150 passenger cars, according to Environmental Protection Agency calculations. “Energy efficiency projects make sound financial sense, as the reduced energy use generally offsets the cost of the initial investment,” said Clint Harper, ABA Building & Program Supervisor. “In addition to the energy savings, our tenants are appreciating the increased comfort in the building.”

Energy costs accumulated over the lifetime of a data center can exceed the cost of the equipment. By implementing operational and improvement measures, ABA will be able to achieve energy savings now and in the future. “We look forward to working with Entergy and the Large C&I Solutions Program to identify ways to further reduce energy use,” said Harper. “It’s important that ABA sets a positive example in the community, and reducing our energy use is a critical step.”

In addition to financial incentives, the program provided detailed engineering analysis to measure the effects of the projects and to ensure the facility selected the appropriate high efficiency equipment. As part of its participation in the program, ABA will continue to evaluate additional energy efficiency opportunities.

“We identified a real need for an energy efficiency program that specifically targets our commercial customers,” said Entergy Customer Service Manager Jim Garland. “This program is an organized effort to bring needed energy efficiency to Arkansas.”

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